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TeleHealth Services Available To Keep You Safe!

Dr. Ronald Cauchard

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TeleHealth Services

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Due to COVID-19, we are now offering telehealth visits for certain eye-related conditions with Dr. Cauchard. Having a “virtual” visit from the comfort of your home is the best way to provide treatment and keep you safe. Dr. Cauchard will do a consultation via your smartphone and bill the visit to your medical insurance, just like a standard in-person visit to our office.

We have all experienced first hand the benefits of technology in our lives. This is very apparent in medicine. You have all come into our office and observed the equipment that changes almost on a yearly basis. We, as doctors and patients, benefit from this new and exciting technology giving us the best possible healthcare. Wykoff Family Eye Care has always prided itself on using these advancements to give the best vision care in a warm, friendly, and safe environment. Telehealth is a new tool that allows us to take care of many ocular conditions that may not require going in to the office. We can examine you virtually and treat many problems from the safety of your home.

These challenging times in dealing with the COVID crisis is a great example of why telehealth will be beneficial to us all. Telehealth is a tool that allows us to take care of many conditions from the safety and convenience of your home. The visit can determine if you need to come in person tot he office or be treated at home. It will also allow us to start treatment faster and thus reduce the severity of the conditions and reduce treatment times. Telehealth will not replace in-office visits since most visits will require testing not available from your home. Telehealth will allow us to diagnose and treat many conditions faster, easier, with less waiting time for patients. Your health and safety are our highest priority and this allows us to accomplish these goals.

We hope this explains our rationale for adding Telehealth to our office. So when you call our office and are advised to start with a virtual health visit, this will explain why we are doing this. As always, you will still be given our highest standard of medicine.

Sincerely, Dr. Ronald Cauchard and Staff

Please call our office at (201) 891-2772 to schedule your exam.

Telehealth Consent Form

Self Testing for Visual Acuity

Getting Started With Telehealth

On cell phone or iPad type in your browser,  Hit get started for free.


This screen has "I'm a patient".  Hit that tab.


This screen shows "As a patient you don't need an account."  In the  box containing  add drroncauchard then hit check-in.


It should show this screen with the doctors name and hit check-in.


Next Welcome slide appears type in your first and last name, then hit check-in.


The next screen has "Hi, your name."  You must enable the camera and you are all set.  

Now you are in the virtual waiting room and the doctor will check you in and start the visit.