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Leading Optometrist In Wyckoff -
Dr. Ronald Cauchard

Dr. Ronald Cauchard and our entire eye care team proudly offer a wide array of top-notch optometric services for the whole family. We believe in a patient-first approach and always prioritize your comfort and convenience throughout your eye care journey with us.

From back-to-school eye exams and eye disease co-management, to fashionable eyewear and cutting-edge contact lenses, we’ve got your eye health and vision needs covered.

Why Choose Dr. Ronald Cauchard?


The Dr. Ronald Cauchard team has years of experience finding the right eyewear and eye care solutions for all our patients.


We have the patience, expertise, and know-how to provide excellent eye care for every member of your family.


Our optical in Wyckoff boasts stylish and comfortable designs from some of the world’s top eyewear brands.


We’re conveniently located at Clinton Avenue and Madison Avenue in Wyckoff. Visit us today!

Eye Exams & Optometric Services in Wyckoff

Comprehensive eye exams are an essential part of maintaining your long-term vision and eye health. At Dr. Ronald Cauchard, we offer eye exams and other essential eye care services using the latest optometric technology. This allows us to detect and treat eye diseases more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Vision Therapy: Enhancing Visual Skills and Learning

One service we offer at our eye clinic that sets us apart is vision therapy. This scientifically tested, eye doctor-approved regimen of custom in-office and at-home eye exercises strengthens the connection between your eyes and brain. Vision therapy can help you and your family members with learning and other functional issues caused by deficient visual skills, such as poor eye tracking and teaming problems.

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Featured Eye Care Services
woman having optometrist eye exam

Regular eye exams are a central part of your ongoing vision and eye health. Schedule an exam with our eye care team today.

Photo of woman's eye

Our eye doctor offers contact lens exams to find the right contacts for you, so you can enjoy the freedom and clarity of glasses-free vision.

young girl with painful eye

Eye pain, foreign objects in the eye, and sudden vision loss are all causes of concern. Call our emergency number at (201) 403-5417.

Comprehensive Eye Condition Screening:
Cataracts, Glaucoma, and More

Our eye care team is proud to offer advanced eye care screenings for common eye diseases and conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Many of these conditions can go undetected, showing few — if any — signs or symptoms until they’ve already caused significant and irreversible vision loss and ocular damage.

Fortunately, our eye clinic boasts some of the most cutting-edge eye care technology available, giving us images of your eyes that are wider-ranging and more detailed than ever. This allows for early and accurate detection of common conditions and diseases, which is critical in preventing vision loss and preserving your clarity of vision and eye health as you age.

Want to learn more about how we can help you and your family protect your vision and eye health? Visit our Wyckoff eye clinic today!

Dr. Ronald Cauchard


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